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      1. 400-999-7318


        Conditions of joining:

        1. legal or natural persons with legal qualifications.

        2. have management and coordination ability, and have channel management experience.

        3. have a strong sense of professionalism and desire for success.

        4. it has certain economic strength and long-term investment vision.

        5. can correctly view and bear the risk awareness.

        6. sales should be carried out in its designated sales area and no cross regional operation.

        7. franchisees should submit written applications to our company and fill in the contents faithfully.

        The policy of joining:

        1. Monopolize the right to operate:

        To provide perfect regional market protection for franchisees, and ensure that each franchisee enjoys the exclusive right to operate in the regional market.

        2. business planning and material support:

        Free design and reimbursement, free of charge for the franchisee to plan the opening ceremony and personnel support; free of charge to provide marketing information; dispatch the Commissioner of the resident coordinator.

        3. channel management support:

        Instructing and assisting franchisees to conduct regional investment and channel management, assign personnel on-site guidance, and enhance franchisee operation level.

        4. terminal advertising support:

        Tengna provides a strong regional publicity support, TV, newspaper, magazine, network, outdoor advertising and so on to build the whole house of Tengna house net water system marketing system.


        (Customer service hotline)


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